Part Time FBA Tips & Help

Q4 Hacks for Amazon FBA

Its that time of year we all get a little crazy.  No, not a full moon.  Yes, its Q4 2015 and that means big things for us FBA sellers.  If its your first Q4 you will soon see what all of the hoopla is about.  Nervous about what you should be doing or what toRead More

The Power of Ebates for FBA

There are some things in the world that if offered I will without hesitation turn down.  Brussel sprouts I could do without.  Chance to walk on hot coals?  Thanks but I think I’ll pass.  However, if someone offers me FREE money I’m all ears but of course more than a bit skeptical. Rarely does anRead More

Updated Repricing Rules for FBA

With Q4 steadily approaching along with other busy periods including Halloween, it was about time to update our Repricing structure on (as you know, our favorite FBA Repricing Software).   Previously we had 3 rules or categories that we placed our inventory in depending on how competitively we wanted to price each item.  Now, weRead More

RepricerExpress Screenshot Tour

As part of my monthly repricing series using RepricerExpress, something I should have done from the get go was to take you on a tour of what to expect and what you will encounter to set up your account once your trial or ‘real’ period begins.  No, I will not be giving you our exactRead More

FBA Related Pet Peeves

Its Memorial Day 2015 and I’m winding down from our annual get together with family at our home.   I want to thank all veterans who have protected us in this great country that we sometimes take for granted. An hour or so ago I go on Facebook and start looking through some of the mostRead More

Selling Underwear in My Underwear

Did I really sell underwear while in my underwear?  Well, sort of.  When I was able to obtain 10 packs of Men’s Calvin Klein underwear during Amazon’s Deal of the Day and resell them for $8 profit each AND sell most of them while I was sleeping (yes, in my underwear) then I guess itRead More