FBA Finds…in Under 30 Minutes!

ID-100266184I just want to pass along my thift store/clearance store finds from yesterday to give some hope to those just getting started with FBA.  I spent a total of 30 minutes in two stores (1 thrift store and 1 big name store clearance section) during my normal FT job route and came out with items that if sold will net ~$700 profit.

The real big profits came from a few finds in the thrift store mainly a brand new still sealed HP Photosmart printer w/ 0 current FBA Sellers selling for $500 new purchased for $12.95.  I also found a printer ribbon for a specific printer that must be hard to find, purchased for $.95 and selling for $40 New again w/ 0 FBA sellers.  Throw in a couple of new in box knitting sets that regularly go for $30 purchased for $1 each and this was a sweet 15 minute thrift store stop that could net me $500.

Next stop later that day was at my favorite local big chain store where I went to the clearance area and found a bunch of unique candy dispensers for $10 each that I’ll hold until all of the other FBAers sell theirs at $30 and make their $7 profit so I can sell mine at $45-50 and according to CCC’s data graph.  I can even hold these until next Q4 and I know I’ll be one of the few selling them.  These dispensers must have been considered XMas items yet there’s nothing XMas about them at all.  This is a key point I’ve found after XMas:  There are many items that are under the XMas label and thrown into that clearance area that have no XMas element to them.  Why’s that important?  Think female-related items that will sell for Mother’s Day, dad items for Father’s Day, kid stuff for Valentine’s day.  You get the picture.  We are feasting on these items right now at 75-90% off.

Don’t ignore your local thrift stores or seasonal clearance areas…gold can be had if you get lucky.