FBA ‘Date Night’

FBA Date NightYou know you’re a true FBAer when you plan a date night away from the kids and that ‘date night’ involves hours and hours of sourcing.  No, not a movie.  Not a night at the casino or hockey game.  Sourcing.

When Kmart and Gabes and Macys are your planned couple spots to roam around with smartphones in hand you know you’re hooked on FBA.  And the funny thing is by now our babysitters (ie.  inlaws) are no longer surprised when we return from our date with bags and bags full of goodies, none of which are dinner leftovers.  Some might see this as a crazy way to spend your free time but the wife and I truly enjoy doing this.  And no, we don’t need to be standing shoulder to shoulder while sourcing as we each have our specialties and don’t need to be encroaching in each others’ space.

Let one thing be clear:  Good food and sometimes drink are always had on these date nights as we always sit down to a nice meal together and relax for a bit.  We’re not uber-scanners going out and grinding for hours upon hours searching in every nook and crannie imaginable.  No, its more on the scale of hitting up 3 of 4 stores locally and seeing what we can find.  As I like to joke, we’re the only people who EARN money during a date.  Of course we go on normal date nights as well and enjoy each others’ company without scanning every barcode in site.  We just know how rewarding a little bit of sourcing can be every so often and for sure will continue to plan our ‘date’ nights into the future.  Trying to get your significant other into the FBA thing?  Try a date night and hopefully they’ll see the light.