$50 A Day FBA

$50 a Day FBADuring these ‘slower’ times after Q4 we are still buying items for FBA albeit more on the random side of things.  I’ve been making a mental goal to find at least $50 of net profit each day on the side during my normal work route. Most days I’ve been able to (potentially) net much more but the goal will always be there until we do some more longer-term sourcing trips.

Mentally this is a good goal for me in that I feel satisfied if I can meet this but if I don’t during one day I know the next day or day after I will find enough on a limited time basis to meet this $5o/day goal over the week.  There is not a person reading this who can’t make a simple goal like this and meet or exceed it so just get out and start scanning.

Christmas items are now boxed up at most of the big box stores and its back to the more standard items to source for right now.   We’re certainly keeping our eye out for Easter items within our scope of what we like to sell but we’re open to anything.  Here’s some quality pick ups over the past week.  Go find them for yourselves and make some $:

1)  ‘As Seen on TV’ Mattress Wedges $7.50   Found these on sale 50% off for $15 in a big chain Pharmacy.  Got the manager to sell all 5 to me for $7.50 per unit.  Going for $45+ FBA.  Should net $17+ per sale.
2) Replacement Bulbs & Fuses for Christmas Lights $.10
Found 25 of these bad boys for $0.10 each at a big box store.  They’re going for $7 each so after Amazon’s fees the net should be around $2 per sale.  They’re super small, each to ship and if all sell should net $50.
 3) Telezapper TZ 900 $7 Picked up this brand new in box unit at a thrift store that we all wish we had.  It emits a tone to telemarketing systems to automatically disconnect your phone from computer generated calls.  Going for $50 FBA.  Should net a nice $30+.
 4) Sharp EL6620B Electronic Organizer $1.95
Another thrift find (new in package) and to my surprise there were 2 of them.  It seems people without smartphones still use these organizers and are willing to pay $33+ FBA for a $20 net gain each.  Dead tech?  Nope, they’re alive.
 5) American Tourister WorldWide Adaptor Plug White  $2.99
The best find of the week were 2 of these on Clearance at a local big chain Pharmacy for $2.99 a piece.  To my surprise, they’re going for $40+ FBA.  Hey, even the big boys don’t know what they’re ‘giving’ away.  Best part:  They’re lightweight and already packaged nicely.

$50 a Day FBA?  You can do it too so get a move on.