Selling Underwear in My Underwear

Did I really sell underwear while in my underwear?  Well, sort of.  When I was able to obtain 10 packs of Men’s Calvin Klein underwear during Amazon’s Deal of the Day and resell them for $8 profit each AND sell most of them while I was sleeping (yes, in my underwear) then I guess it WAS true!

Today is May 7.  What am I doing?  Buying things every single night from Amazon to sell on Amazon in Q4, better known as ‘Amazon to Amazon flips’.  What am I buying and how am I finding these deals you ask?  Well, lets just say there are great deal sites out there constantly updating price drops on Amazon.  I’m finding a ton of college and pro sports items (ie.  apparel, etc) at crazy prices right now since we are in the offseason for many.  Think in those terms:  What else is in the offseason?  Winter activities and sports.  Look for items that are relatively pricey come November-January and see what they’re going for now?  Try Ski/Snowboard gear, winter jackets, pajamas, etc and if they’re 50% off or more just buy them and hold.  I’m buying $100-300 worth of items each night that I am without any doubt going to make at 100%-200% ROI come Q4.

If you want to know how to do Amazon to Amazon flips like a FBA ninja you need to read Chris Green’s Online Arbitrage book (see my full review).  My one tip:  Go check out and get cooking on their daily drops section.

Get ahead of the pack right now and reap the profits come Q4.

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