FBA Ungating Expert Tips (Guest Post by Jeanne Lovely)

FBA Ungating Expert Tips

Editor Note:  I asked our readers via email what their main sticking points were doing FBA and overwhelmingly the response was ungating.  So I turned to my #1 ungating expert Jeanne Lovely who was kind enough to provide a guest post on the subject.

Guest Post by Jeanne Lovely from Ungateazcategories.com


Selling on Amazon is a business, and you want your Amazon business to be able to list products that are high in demand. There is money to be made in all of the products that you list on Amazon, but the primary reason to get Un-Gated in Amazon restricted categories is that Gated categories make up over one third (1/3) of Amazon’s Product Catalog, these are the products that are listed on Amazon.com.

ID-10049803It is only in the past year that Amazon has lifted their restrictions on categories and have given third party Sellers the opportunity to get Un-Gated. Getting Un-Gated NOW is important, you never know when the restrictions will be put back on.

In order to apply to be Approved in Amazon Restricted Categories, you need to have a Business Selling Account (if you pay $39.99 a month, you have one), you need to have some history selling on Amazon, and your account needs to be in Good Standing.

You will want to get Un-Gated in order to capitalize on this great opportunity. You will be able to find more products whether you shop online or offline, you will be able to find more wholesale opportunities when you are ready to expand your business, and best of all your bundling and private label choices will be expanded.

Amazon restricts categories so that the customer has the best experience when they purchase a product from them. It is their reputation on the line, not ours. They want to know, that you know, how to do this correctly. Paying someone to get you approved is all well and good, but the big problem comes when you want to list your products, you will not know how to do that! Never mind the fact that you spent over a thousand dollars to have someone Un-Gate you!

For the Grocery & Gourmet Food, Beauty and Health & Personal Care Categories, you need to submit invoices, NOT RECEIPTS, to get approved. An Un-Gate service cannot do this for you. There are strict guidelines to follow, and you will get denied over and over if you do not follow them. You do have to buy products in the above categories, and they need to be ordered online and shipped to your address that Amazon has on file for your account.

In these three (3) Categories, Clothing & Accessories, Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses, Luggage & Travel Accessories, you do not have to buy products. You first need to send in images, that meets their strict requirements, for products that you choose in Amazon’s Product Catalog. After your images are approved, you will have to fill out all the information on the Amazon supplied flat-file.

Jewelry, Watches and Sexual Wellness approval only requires you to submit images, and fill out a questionnaire, but the images need to meet their strict guidelines, and the questionnaire answers need to be filled out correctly. You do not need to buy products or have inventory in these categories.

Why miss an opportunity to sell in the most shopped in Categories in the Amazon catalog because you are intimidated with the process?

facebookIn most of the Facebook Groups I hear all the excuses, I don’t have time, I don’t understand the instructions (which is a true statement), I need to sell, not play around with files, blah, blah, blah LOL. Then after they pay to get Un-Gated, they post in the FB groups that they do not know how to send in their products DUH – they never learned how to edit an image, or fill out a flat-file.

Well for me $1000 to pay someone to get me Un-Gated, and then not know how to submit my inventory and pictures is an awful lot of money that I could be using to buy inventory!

The process of getting Un-Gated can be daunting, but once you know the correct way to do the process, you will become a master of flat-files and Amazon images.

When I first looked at the image requirements I thought I could do it in under an hour…I could have, if I knew how to edit an image properly! I have to be totally honest, I bought a tutorial to show me how to do this, but it was not complete, and every time I sent them back to be approved, they told me I did not have a pure white background, I thought I did! I had to figure out allot on my own, which took hours.

When I got the Amazon flat-file to fill out after my images were approved, I looked at the directions on the flat-file and I was totally confused. The instructions that Amazon gave on one of the Categories to fill out the file were for another category entirely, I thought they sent me the wrong file! And of course when I called them, they told me, no, that was the correct file.

ID-10052558The first Category I applied to get Un-Gated in was Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses. I went back and forth with Amazon for a few days with revisions online until I got smart enough to send in a ticket and I asked them to call me. They did within a few minutes, and I was able to work on the file with the Amazon Rep as we spoke. I made the mistake of waiting a few hours to fill in the changes, and I sent in the revisions. Lo and Behold, another Amazon Rep sent back the file with more revisions. There is no set rules for these Amazon Reps, and they each have their own requirements, I know, crazy huh?

The lesson learned is that do not ask them to call you unless you have the time to submit the revisions right then and there! When I finally did that, I got approved within an hour! For the other two (2) Categories, Clothing & Accessories and Luggage & Travel Accessories my approval was almost immediate with a few minor changes.

I developed a Step-by-Step Course that will show you how to edit your images and fill out your Amazon flat-file. It is easy once you follow the steps! I am offering you the first Section of this course for FREE!

If you want the FREE Step-by-Step instructions to get approved in Grocery & Gourmet Food, Beauty and Health & Personal Care Categories go to http://bit.ly/1F3jMLM and sign up for the tutorial.


If you want to learn the easy way to get approved, and I show you how, Step-by-Step, without the major obstacles I found when I tried to do it the first time, buy the Course “How to Get Un-Gated In Amazon Restricted Categories”. For Jeff’s customers, I offer a $20.00 discount, the Course is normally $147, but you will get it at the discounted price of $127!  Click on this Link http://ungateazcategories.com/letter/how-to-get-un-gated-in-amazon-restricted-categories-scan-on-the-side/


Or if you really, really, really do not have the time, and you cannot find a Geek to follow my Course and do it for you, I can Un-Gate you for a fee, Click on this Link http://bit.ly/1HmgLIW

Jeanne Lovely

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