5 Dollar Store Items I Use for Part Time FBA

ID-100158272I have seen other FBA people blast dollar store items for being of poor quality and to not use them when doing FBA prep and shipments.  Blasphemy!  We’ve had great success using the below items from the Dollar Tree and I would highly recommend you doing so as well.  Sure, you get what you pay for but for the needs of doing part time FBA shipments we’re not looking for Gucci products here.  Everything below costs exactly $1.

  1. Packing Tape w/ Cutting Edge – Our Dollar Trees locally sell packing tape that also has a cutting edge that comes with it.  This works extremely well for us and seems to hold up well even with heavier shipments and we’ve never had any issues at all.
  2. Black Permanent Markers – When going through the weighing process I like to use black markers to mark the weights on the boxes themselves and also mark which box is going to which shipment center before printing out the shipping labels.  Dollar Tree sells a pack of 3 large black permanent markers that write well and last fairly long, good for covering up prices as well.  Don’t need higher priced Sharpies for this. Highly recommended.
  3. Cover Up Stickers –  If you’re doing FBA long enough doing retail arbitrage or thrifting you will need to start covering up some prices that are on the boxes of the items themselves.  Dollar Tree sells a wide variety of colors and shapes (we use the circle and rectangular shaped ones) .
  4. Box Cutters/Cutting Blades – I like to use odd shaped boxes and cut them to size to place just underneath the top of the shipment boxes.  Have cheap box cutters/cutting blades to do this is more than good enough for the job.  Don’t need el-expensivo blade for this.
  5. Hand Sanitizer – Shipping boxes are dusty and dirty, especially if they’ve been sitting in a dumpster for a day or so.  Having hand sanitizer around that’s cheap and works well is much advised.  Look for ones that have aloe in them as they seem to moisturize better but what do I know?

Don’t be afraid of the dollar store when you’re trying to save money doing FBA.