FBA Forums, Facebook, Youtube & Other Blogs

All of the below forums and groups require you to join for free for complete access.  Well worth the ‘cost’.

 Facebook Groups

 There are many active Facebook Groups but the ones below are those that I use regularly and are of great help:

  ScanPower ScanPower Facebook Group

  Amazon Newbies Amazon Newbies Facebook Group

  Thrifting for Profit Thrifting for Profit Facebook Group

Reddit Forums

  Reddit Fulfillment by Amazon Reddit’s Forum on FBA

  Reddit Flipping Forum Reddit’s Forum for Flippers


Andy Slamans Spreecast (Private Label) FBA Spreecast w/ Private Label Slant

Yahoo Forum

  Fulfillment by Amazon Forum (Yahoo!) Bob Wiley’s Yahoo FBA Forum

 Youtube Channels

  Official Amazon Channel for FBA   Freedom DZine   Picking Profits   Global Voodoo   Ebay Coach


 Other Recommended FBA Websites/Blogs

SkipMcGrath.com – Veteran Amazon Seller and Educator.  Must-visit stuff.

FBA Freedom – Dennis Watson’s FBA Site.  Discover how to become financially free by using Amazon’s FBA Program

Honest Online Selling – Jordan Malik’s blog on Amazon & Ebay selling.