Want to Win Q4? Get Ungated in All Categories NOW.

Its September 8 2015 and if you’re not already preparing and sending inventory in for Q4 you might want to get moving like now.

When I talk with newer sellers on Facebook forums and in person, the question of “How do I find good things to sell?” naturally comes up.   The common answer is to source from clearance aisles and thrift stores but here’s the real answer: Be eligible to sell more things.ID-10042017

How many newer sellers simply walk by the clothing or shoes areas of stores because they’re not eligible to sell in those categories on Amazon?  I know I was one of those people for a long time until I decided to pony up some $$ to ungated in clothing.  No, it wasn’t cheap but it was worth it.  Why?  Because once you’re in, you’re in for good.  Plus, because many others are not ungated your selling competition is much less.

Fast & Easy Ungating

If you’ve read my article on Jeanne Lovely’s Do-It-Yourself Ungating Course you know I’m a big fan of her work.   However, I know that many FBAers simply don’t have the time or desire to put in the work to get ungated on their own.  If you’re in that group, don’t give up your ungating dreams so fast.

Jeanne offers personal assistance in ungating for a fee for most categories, cheaper than any other ungating service out there.  Just to see it for myself, Jeanne’s help got me ungated in Shoes after a single try in less than 2 days.  Can’t beat that.  So what did I just do? Bought over $300 worth of flip flops online that I plan to triple my investment on for Q4.  I previously could not sell these items because they are under Shoes.  That’s powerful and real.

Interested in getting ungated with Jeanne’s help?   Get a $10 discount off of any category by using this page set up by Jeanne for SOS users: