How To Get Ungated in Luggage/Shoes/Apparel & More on a Budget

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If you ask most FBAers what’s on their ‘To Do List’ in the next year, getting ungated in the tougher categories like Apparel, Jewelry and Luggage would be right up there without question.

The processes of ungating for me has been a hodgepodge of sorts.  For Beauty, Health & Personal Care and Groceries I was able to get ungated rather easily by using the tactics mentioned in this post.  I then attempted to get ungated in Apparel and almost threw my laptop out the window as it was an incredibly frustrating and tedious process with the back and forth with the Amazon customer support.  After failing at doing so myself I decided to plop down a cool $500 to one of the more popular ungating services with their help quickly got approved.   But it cost $500 for one category.

Along Comes

The two other categories I really wanted to get ungated in after Apparel were Luggage and Shoes but I just didn’t feel like paying another $1000 to do it.  One day while browsing Facebook I came across Jeanne Lovely who runs the site  She offers both a paid premium service like the others but also offers a step by step do-it-yourself ungating course where she goes step by step through the process of getting ungated in ALL categories.  Yes please.

So I contacted Jeanne, introduced myself and she graciously offered me a chance to try out her course and if I had good results to inform you of her services.  Sounds good but wait, I’ve been through this do-it-myself ungating process before on one of the tougher categories (Apparel) and it almost caused a broken computer.

How I Got Ungated in Luggage

ID-10052558You would not believe how simple the process was for getting approved in Luggage.   From finding and editing luggage images easily and properly to filling in the flat file required for submission, Jeanne’s course covers every single step in an easy to follow manner.  There’s no confusion whatsoever and literally anyone can do it.  Videos are provided taking you through the more ‘difficult’ tasks for those who like to have more visual walkthroughs.  Interestingly enough, there are specific things in terms of filling out the flat file that the course goes over that actually differ from Amazon’s own instructions (Jeanne talks about this and lets you be sure you are doing things properly).

Bottom line: It took one submission and boom, approved.

I can’t wait to attack Shoes approval in the next month or so and go from there.

So how much does it cost?

Normally the entire course costs $147 (one time fee) but for Scanontheside users you can get it for $127 by using this Amazon Ungating link or clicking on the banner below. This discount offer is through May 31st 2015 so check it out.

No more excuses.  Get ungated by yourself and grow your FBA business!

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